Wall of Honor

Leon Lindauer

Receive Type 2 Army Purple Heart 1942-43 Bronze gilt, plastic heart, slot brooch six digit number 599972 on rim, manufactured by The Robbins Company Large blacked machined engraved, 1944-1945.

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William Erler

Receive Type 2 Navy Purple Heart 1944-45 sterling silver gilt, plastic heart, split brooch Civilian hand engraved with name, rank, and branch.


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Wyman Daniel Martin

Receive Type 3 Army Purple Heart 1943-45 Bronze gilt, plastic heart, slot brooch, unnumbered, hand engraved  1944.


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Autry Clint Deel 

Private Autry Clint Deel was born on August 10, 1908 to Helen and Luther Deel in Holdenville, Oklahoma.


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Thomas Foster Jenkins 

Lt. Thomas Foster Jenkins was born December 6, 1918 in Middleton, Tennessee to John and Johnnie Jenkins.


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